Videos for personal ‘home-use’ may be viewed or downloaded on a donation basis.

Our videos are normally marked as Editorial Use Only because they contain identifiable persons, private property that is the main focus of the shot, brands or logos that are the main focus of the shot, or artwork or copyrighted works. Without a release form from the person(s) appearing in the shot or the owner of the property, it is not possible to use the clip for commercial purposes. However, you may use the clip for editorial purposes.

Editorial content is defined as content that is newsworthy or documentary-worthy, that is providing a commentary on a story outside of a promotional context. For example, all news programming is considered editorial, because it is providing a commentary on real world events as they happen. Documentaries are considered editorial, providing that the aim of the documentary is not to promote a brand, product or service. Even if you are selling your documentary, it is still classed as editorial. Editorial images can also be used for educational purposes, providing the educational content is presented as a learning aid and is factual.

License fees are available allowing you to use and publish the footage worldwide and on any platform, including web, broadcast, shows, theatre and apps.

Please contact us by email at for further details.